Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fancy Lady at the Gloryholes

A wonderful thing about sl is the collision of worlds. First let me explain gloryholes to those that don't know. In real life there are places, usually men's rooms, where men meet up to have anonymous sex. Sometimes there is a whole cut in the partition between the stalls and one man sticks his cock through while the other sucks him off. Sounds pretty pervy, right? Well if it's pervy, there must be an sl version of it !! *giggles. Wanting a full on pervert queer experience in my little second life, I do enjoy hanging out at the glory holes sometimes. I am normally looking for cock to suck (surprise surprise!!! :) but I meet all kinds there. Actually I meet just as many women as I do men. I mentioned "the collision of worlds" because one day, I met a woman who was dressed in the attire of a medieval noblewoman. She was all prim and proper and her profile was full of complex historical roleplay groups.

We chit chatted a little while until I felt she was ready to get started.

Hanging around the dirty men's room gloryhole like a pervert

Our fancy Noblewoman

Almost in tears with shame, she takes my cock in her mouth

Sticking my cock through the gloryhole

As we were chatting, I realized that we had something in common. She kept talking about how bad she feels coming to this horrible place and how dirty she feels. She told me several times that her life would be ruined if anyone found out she did such things. She then got on the dirty floor, full of shame, and sucked my cock. As she was sucking me, she kept mentioning how ashamed she was and how afraid she is of being found out. She was REALLY getting off on this shame. This reminded me of the days when I was a "manly man" with lots of regular friends and a normal girlfriend. Dissatisfied with my normal life, I would sometimes sneak off to gay sex sims and have anonymous sex with other men. I remember how scared/thrilled I was about the risk of getting found out. I was risking everything for a sexual thrill that was waaaay outside the norm of regular society. So understanding this, I was able to play along with her fantasy.

Having connected during our dirty little sex session, we decide we like eachother and she has me back to her place for a little tender loving. She asks me to be gentle and I was. We decided we can't be "friends" in that she has too much at risk to hang out with a dirty girl like me and I completely understand. It was just a nice hour spent with a lovely woman and that is good enough for me :)

Isn't she just lovely?

She was a tender lover and eager to please

I always find it a little odd when I have to step back into the "man" role. I spend so much time being girly and effeminate with all kinds of people trying to put their dicks in me, I sometimes forget what to do *giggles

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