Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sugar and Spice with Goddess Sarah

My sweet Sarah and I have a multifaceted relationship. It started out simply where I was her slave and she was my goddess, but as time went on and our feelings grew, it became much more than that. So when asked, I would mainly describe her as my girlfriend, but she is my mistress and friend too. One thing that drives me nuts about so many dommes is their one dimentional personalities. They are either in domme mode or not on at all. Sarah has trained me and knows for a fact that I have submitted to her, so she doesn't need the phony verbage or gadgets. We can be just hanging out chit chatting normally, however, it is clear that I am submissive to her.

One thing that we don't really share too much around others is our enjoyment of beatings and moderate torture. Not that we are ashamed, but the harshess kind of puts some people off *hihihi....True to her multifaceted personality, within the span of an hour, she will be slapping me and threatening cuddling and being naked on her knees at the end of MY leash :))....whatever we do, its always sexy :)

Not for those with a weak constitution, this is my goddess slapping me with her new crop :)

with a mean look on her face, my goddess scolds me

For a while there, she would make me cry everyday.....she hasn't done that in a while....uh oh!! I think when she reads this , she will be reminded *giggles

Goddess LOVES to torture my balls. Squeezing them, stepping on them, kicking them....deliciously painful!!

Here I am in tears again being choked and shaken

Afterwards, she always calms me down and comforts me. I think she enjoys comforting me as much as she enjoys the torture.

Going out for a romantic little dance afterward. Notice we are both wearing our fag plugs! Cute!

She surprised me on this one. She asked me to dress in one of my fanciest dresses. She  tped me and when I arrived, she was naked, groveling on the floor at my feet. I almost fainted *giggles..Mustering my passion, I torrtured her poor balls a little, made her kiss my feet, then rammed my raging hard cock in her faggot sissyhole. Payback is hell, isn't it, my sissy bitch!! *hihihi

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