Thursday, November 17, 2011

A real life sissy fag sent me some pictures to share!!!

For the most part, second life is second life and real life is real life. Most who enjoy being flaming homosexuals in sl like to keep a pretty firm boundry between the two worlds. There are some exceptions, though and I ran into one yesterday. I was just bopping around to my favorite places looking for some cock to suck (alert the media!! haha) and I got an IM from this guy. As it turns out he is a very effeminate sissy cocksucker in both sl and rl.

We chatted about having him do a photoshoot where he is a femmy subby fag and I abuse him severely and shame him on the blog. We will definitely get to that soon ;) but then he made an unusual request. He asked if he could send me some real life pictures for me to post! Knowing that this was a request to show the world what an effeminate homosexual he is, I couldn't resist!!!

This is a failed man. Look at his pretty hose, bows, and frilly apron. This faggot looks ready to serve a REAL MAN!

Wouldn't you just love to lift the back of that maid skirt and slide your hard cock into his tight  fag hole? I'm sure this sissy would squeal with delight as he felt a hard cock slide up his gay ass.

Awww...look at his darling tiny pantied penis. I'll bet it would get VERY hard if a naked hairy muscular MAN walked into the room.

A fairy pussy just ready to be fucked right under that pretty pink bow.

You know what you are, faggot. If your friends and family could only see you now, you queer bitch!

I can't help but laugh at this picture. Look at the swishy faggy way he is standing. And all dolled up in women's lingere and stockings! HAHA This sissy is soooooo queer. I'm sure he would do anything for some cock up his ass and in his pretty little sissy mouth.
Before we parted, this sissy asked me if he could have permission to jack off to the blog. I told him he could only if he ate his cum afterward. Posting these photos is a reward for being a good cum guzzling faggot ;)

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  1. nice pictures, however, if this sissy may comment, he should NOT be permitted to block out his face